This artist started painting on the streets, somewhere around ten years ago, throughout his life he has collaborated with brands such as Converse and Illegal Squad as well as tv channels such as HBO, Exa TV etc. he has participated in urban art festivals and has taught workshops regarding graffiti urban art, at the same time, he has participated in collective expositions, across the country.


Senkoe´s work is created by mixing pre Hispanic art and the dream world, remembering that both come from the same origin, a pure and divine creation, being so he uses tons of textile collective expositions across Mexico to make his art!


A few of his sources of inspiration include; botanic illustrations, literature, comics, cartoons, as well as earth and the ocean, based on this Senoke creates animal characters who come to life straight from the subconscious, forming a monstrous but beautiful Mexican identity that manifests  itself as the anonymous  narrative graffiti that populates our streets.



Pelucas is without a doubt one of the most influential characters when it comes to urban art, we can confidently say he is one of the most respected and renowned Spaniards out there

He unraveled his art dominating multiple disciplines as well as graffiti, muralist, illustrations, sculpture, video making etc.


Graduated from the Bellas Artes university in Montevedra spain, with a major in escupture, he has developed social Works and Works of art suchs as “travismo, hiperucto, billete de 500” among more than 15 years painting the streets of London, Tanger, Mexico, Paris, Barcelona, Hamburg, Berlin, and has giving many different expositions across the globe.

His empty yet ridiculous humor, full of double standards, allow us to see deeper more analytic meanings about our day to day life making us crack up laughing and realizing how foolish we can be.

facebook: Pelucas









We are starting with few ideas but every day we add proposals from different artists to join the project, we want to achieve a large perennial display of various works, where we will accommodate sculptors, painters in all its genres, writers and photographers, winemakers, craftsmen, etc.x



In Zenti'k Project we seek to achieve a living Gallery, where guests can find comfort in a luxurious, harmonious, aesthetic, ecological and artistic environment.





Zenti´k Project




At Zenti'k Project we have a particular commitment with the environment, that’s why we use technologies such as a Water Treating System in which we separate the black waters from the greywater and pass them thru sludge traps into bio-digesters.

With the residue of the gray waters our gardens are irrigated. Managing to avoid any ecological damage and at the same time regenerating the underground rivers that form the beautiful cenotes in the Yucatan peninsula.


The paint that covers the walls of the hotel is organic, made from cactus slime, limestone and salt. All of our showers are high pressure low impact showers and 100% of the lighting at our property is LED energy efficient.


Exquisite cabins made based on typical Mayan technics and materials,


with grass roof and Bajareque walls, every room comes with a hammock, private deck, A/C, ceiling fans and everything to provide convenience and comfort.

Exclusive organic amenities with international recognition.




Our Cave & Spa


Our Cave & Spa,  is found within the hotel gorunds (6 meters depth) and has special features such as a natural created thermal pool at 34 ° C (93 ° F), the walls are covered with Chucum resin (endemic tree of the Yucatan peninsula) with multiple medicinal properties, which also give the water color characteristic of the “Cenotes”. The Cave is accessed by an impressive stone Vault.



Spa Hotel Zenti'k is there to pamper you, this is why we have developed different natural Mayan technics to exfoliate the body through mud, coffee, cacao and local organic essential oils, and herbs.


In addition to more traditional treatments, such as hot stones, Swedish massage and a variety of alternative massages, including anti-stress, ice therapy, wine therapy, chocolate therapy, etc.






Mexico´s gastronomy is abundant, rich full of colors and flavors, consider by some of the greatest chefs, such as Anthony Bourdain, as one of the richest culinary paradises in the world which allowed us to create our menu that consists of a variety of fusion dishes, to satisfy the most exclusive tastes.


Like everything in this hotel, paramount is to encourage and pamper the senses. And in this case, the smell and the taste could not be missed.


We have a beautiful and unique Mayan stone lobby bar, as well as a pool side bar, and offer bar service within our property to ensure your every needs are met.




Restaurant & bar Restaurant

Our Services

We offer a number of hikes, tours and excursions available, in group or custom. We offer activities such as hiking, birdwatching, bike rental, snorkeling and scuba diving.

We offer in Room dining around the clock,


We have a natural Cave spa at 34 ° C (93 ° F) so you can relax and enjoy a relaxing and exfoliating session at the end of your day or any time you see fit.


We offer a wide yet exclusive blend of Mexican coffees, roasted and ground every day to delight the most demanding palate.


We welcome our guests with a glass of tequila aged in our very own barrels.


Founded by Francisco De Montejo, “The Nephew”, in May 23th of 1543, in what was the Mayan city “Chouac-ha”, Valladolid was named by De Montejo as a tribute to the Spanish city of the same name, while Valladolid, Yucatan, follows being the most striking village in eastern peninsula, and also considered a MAGIC TOWN and together with it one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico.


The beauty and atmosphere of its streets, and the solidary quality of its people, make alone Valladolid to become a must to visit for every traveler throughout the Yucatan Peninsula.  There are much more though: the opportunity to touring its museums and travel through two of the greatest passages of Mexican history: "The Caste War" of 1847, and the local happenings that became the early sparks of the Mexican Revolution of 1910.


Known as "The Eastern Mayan Capital", well-deserved title not only due to the architectural beauty of its ancient colonial buildings, like the Convent of San Bernardino of Siena, the City Hall, the Church of St. Servatius, the Ex-Textile Factory “Aurora”, the Museum of San Roque, and many others not less important,  but also due to its strategic location in the middle of the Eastern region, being the most cosmopolitan city in the area and an ideal place to stay and witness the wonders of the Mayan world (Chichen Itza, Ek-Balam, Coba, Tulum), as well of those of the Colonial Mexico (Izamal, Tihosuco, Valladolid itself, among others), and all this, not to mention the cultural legacy of its men and women.


Paraphrasing Spanish writer Nestor Luján's at some introductory speech regarding the city of Madrid, it can be said too, regarding Valladolid, Yucatan, and well afar from any exaggeration,  with superb and friendly emphasis, that Valladolid is, the street of the Mayan World.


Events and conventions

Hotel Zenti'k can accommodate various spaces for events up to 70 people, and as we believe I fair treatment and equal possibilities we can adapt to your budget.


Our natural Cenote illuminated by candle light is perfect to organize different and unforgettable events.


You can rent the entire hotel with our 10 cabins and gardens for weddings, courses, seminars, workshops as well as individual spaces like our two Palapas, one of them being a very large double height ideal for business meetings, art exhibitions etc.


If you want to do something different, unique and special in a harmonic, aesthetic, ecological and artistic environment, this is the right place.


We invite you to fall in love with our concept hotel



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Calle 30 # 192C  between calle 27 and calle 29.  C.P: 97780 Valladolid, Yucatan.


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